Security Guards

Security Guards

Oswell Security (Pvt) Ltd has the necessary expertise to render a professional security solution for any organisation in Zimbabwe.Our prime responsibility is to ensure the security and protection of all people and property at your premises anywhere in Zimbabwe. In order to achieve this desired service, we understand that the selection, training, equipping and management of the performance of our security personnel is key.

As a company we have realised that we have different clients with different need and wants. In order to ensure that we exceed our clients expectations, we have categorised our guards into four categories to cater for all of our clients. These categories include among others

Executive guarding

These are commissioned guards who are mainly for the banking halls, hotels and lodges as well as Corporate functions. These guards undergo a special training on customer service so as to enhance the customer experience.

Platinum/Premium guarding.

The platinum guards are trained in loss control management and are suitable for any premise that require the acumen and skills that they possess. They are self-supervisory and do not require a lot of monitoring since they are trained to supervise themselves and understand the responsibility that has been bestowed upon them.

Complex and General guarding

These guards are suitable for complexes, shopping malls, parking areas, and buildings. These guards undergo basic security training, customer service, fire-fighting and are trained in weapon handling. This team comprises of ex-Police and ex-soldiers who have great experience in Security services provision from the force as well as experience in weapon handling and dog handling.

Mining guarding

Mines in most parts of the country are located in areas that are dangerous and prone to attacks. Because of the value of the minerals, most mines and their surroundings have unauthorized artisanal miners who employ dangerous methods to get their way. In light of the above risks, there is a need for a well experienced and well-equipped team to Mann the mines bearing in mind uniqueness of the mine sites and their operations to ensure highest possible standards.

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