Escort Services

Escort Services

Oswell Security (Pvt) Ltd offers professional and experienced security details trained specifically to escort important people and delegations to functions or locations that are perceived to be a security risk anywhere in Zimbabwe. There are many occasion that require us to have personal security. For example, an escort for our children, protection for loved ones or the monitoring of an area. Escort services are not just for wealthy people, but can be adapted to the specific needs of all types of users.

Our Escort Security Services Include:

  • Escort service for an important transaction
  • Escort service for a court appearance
  • Close protection for prominent and key people in private or public businesses, arts, sports etc.
  • Body guards for management staff in labor disputes or conflicts, or special events (VIP protection team)

The Escort personnel that we provide are highly trained for handling any type of situation. In addition, The Escort personnel that we provide are well qualified enough to travel or escort the person with assigned skills. Our Escort personnel also have the option of being equipped with security weapons like licensed guns to overcome any attacks over famous personalities. The guards are well trained to handle and use the security equipment at the time of attack or risk.

  • CCTV cameras, access control systems, wireless security
  • Secuty systems
  • Dog Handlers
  • Secure your home with Oswell
    Access Control System
  • Electric-Security-Fences
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