Reaction Services

Oswell Security (Pvt) Ltd has a well resourced team that offers highly responsive reaction services, including a total of 30 vehicles. The team has been trained to respond quickly to emergencies and handle each case courteously and uniquely but in an effective and efficient way. Our armed reaction team receives continuous and advanced training including in shooting skills, defensive driving skills and the latest tricks and techniques being employed by thieves. This keeps us ahead of other security companies and gives us an advantage over them.

The Rapid Response Team takes a maximum of 5 minutes to reach the scene of any incident.  Our security personnel are trained to immediately report an occurrence to our Control Room, which is on high alert 24/7.

In addition to the above, we ensure that all our security points have clear site instructions which contain all emergency service numbers for the fire brigade, ambulance, and police covering that area as well as the action to be taken in the event of an incident/emergency at that specific point as agreed with the client. These instructions also contain After Hours Client Contact Numbers which we use to inform the client of the incident/emergency if they are not already aware thereof.

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